Annual Report

Annual Report

Annual report July 1, 2015– June 30, 2016

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Southwest Iowa Families, Inc. exists to provide social and mental health supports to families and individuals.

Our mission:

“enhancing the lives of children and their families in southwest Iowa”

All families and individuals have the capacity to grow and change. This capacity is enhanced when families are provided support, information, alternatives, and resources. Programs and services the agency provides promote family life and the prevent unhealthy circumstances for infants, children, and adults.

Board of Directors:

  • Carl Sonksen, Chairman
  • Jeanine Bradley
  • Rhonda Curtis
  • Karla Kucerik, D.D.S.
  • Deb McCalla
  • Cindy Novinger
  • Marcy Taylor

Programs and services have touched many individuals and families in the past year.

What We Do…

Counseling / Behavioral Health Services

Professional counseling is available for children and adults, individuals, couples, and families. BHIS (Behavioral Health Intervention Service), is an available in-home service for children with a mental health diagnosis who are Medicaid eligible. Parent Child Interaction Therapy serves children ages two to seven. This therapy works with the parent and the child together. Currently, three full-time and two part-time therapists see clients in Bedford, Clarinda, and Lenox. Dinosaur School is a treatment group for very young behavior disordered children. Foster After Care provides support to young adults aging out of the Iowa State Foster Care Program.

Iowa Domestic Abuse Program (IDAP)

Southwest Iowa Families, Inc. coordinates the IDAP for the 4th Judicial District. IDAP is an intensive 24 week program for individuals convicted of domestic abuse. Classes are held in Atlantic, Clarinda, and Council Bluffs.  Facilitators use lectures, videos, discussion, and assignments to teach participants how to use non-controlling, non-abusive relationship skills.

Child Abuse Prevention Programs

Two programs are available for families to offer support, education, and community resources in the early stages of their child’s life. Positive Family is a family support partnership program that helps parents become the best possible parent they can so that their children get the very best start in life. Family Support Specialists provide information about child development, age appropriate discipline, and share resources with the family. Nest is an incentive-based parent education program that allows parents to earn points by attending educational classes and other activities that promote healthy outcomes for babies. The points can be used for basic necessary and safety items that every family needs for their infants.

Programs and services have touched many this past year…

  • 1,724  Home Visits were completed for 128 families by Positive Family workers
  • 3,308  Counseling hours used by clients
  • 29  Children attended Dinosaur School with Wally and Dina
  • 14  Foster AfterCare clients received services
  • 22  Students in Woodward and Clarinda Academy received visits from staff
  • 162   Families enrolled in Nest and participated in educational classes
  • 495 Individuals received professional counseling services
  • 45  Children had Behavioral Intervention Services in their home
  • 112 Adult men and women enrolled in the Iowa Domestic Abuse Program to help end  abusive relationships
  • 1100 clients were engaged in agency programs or services

Contributions Welcomed!

Financial support is always needed for the prevention programs which are voluntary programs offered free of cost to participants. Primary funding comes from MIECHV, the Corner Counties Early Childhood Area and the Boost 4 Families Early Childhood Area. Contributions from individuals, businesses, churches and service organizations, Better Health for Iowans, and the Rapp foundation help make the program a success.

How We Do It…

Southwest Iowa Families is funded in many ways. Counseling services are paid by the client or covered under their insurance plans. The Early Childhood Areas in Page, Fremont, Taylor, and Montgomery Counties along with Prevent Child Abuse Iowa help fund the Child Abuse Prevention Programs like Positive Family, Preschool Mental Health Screenings, and the Nest Program. Donations from individuals, churches, clubs and organizations are very important to the success of the agency. Grants from foundations are utilized for incentive items for Nest and other program expenses. The Board of Directors and staff hold four to five fundraisers a year to try to fill the needs not met by other contracts.

Mental and Behavioral Health are important

At both the state and federal level, there is an emphasis on community based services for mental and behavioral health.  As a community based (outpatient) provider, we certainly believe in the value and power of community services.  We continue to work with local agencies, insurance companies, state legislators, and our federal representatives to raise awareness about the need for a system of care that meets the needs of prevention, early intervention, short-term and long-term treatment services, on-going services for chronically mentally ill, and access to higher levels of care for acute crisis or psychiatric symptoms.

Iowa has undergone some significant changes in mental and behavioral health services over the past year.  While we continue to adjust to the lack of access to psychiatric beds after Clarinda’s Mental Health Institute closed, we seem to be having increased need for services.  For the first time in quite some time, we have had to not only maintain a waiting list, but maintain a waiting list that exceeded a six to eight week wait for our mental health clients. In April, Iowa Medicaid switched to IA Health Link and contracted with three private managed care organizations (MCOs) to administer all services. We are a provider for all three of the MCOs in Iowa.  As I read the news and talk to other providers, it seems that Southwest Iowa Families has been somewhat lucky in our transition to the three MCOs.

Each year we strive to make the agency stronger and more responsive to the needs of the community and our clients in all of our programs. We pride ourselves that our staff are well-trained, compassionate, and dedicated to those we serve. Whether it is helping a mom with diapers and formula or creating a treatment plan for a client struggling with depression, everyone person is treated with respect and care.

We appreciate your support and advocacy in working to be sure that all families and individuals in southwest Iowa have the opportunity to access services, whether for parenting, domestic violence, aging out of foster care, or mental health.  Please let us know how we might work with you in the coming year.


Angela and Sandy


 Each year we strive to make the agency stronger and more responsive to the needs of the community and our clients in all of our programs. Whether it is helping a mom with diapers and formula or creating a treatment plan for a client struggling with depression, Staff is well-trained, compassionate, and dedicated to those needing our services.