Bright & Beautiful Beginnings

Bright & Beautiful Beginnings

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Why Prevention Services?

A growing body of scientific research on brain growth and development has shown that early intervention in lives of children can prevent child abuse, educational failure and improve significantly outcomes for even children who are disabled. Bright & Beautiful Beginnings is the umbrella for two programs which serve families with very young children: Nest and Positive Family.

Positive Family

Positive Family offers family support services to families in Fremont, Montgomery and Page Counties. A Family Support Specialist provides educational materials, completes developmental screenings, offers support and advocates for families who are expecting or who have young children, during weekly home visits. Services are provided until the child reaches five years of age. A typical  appointment includes time for the family to talk about feelings and problems, joys and concerns. To be eligible for services the family must be expecting or have an infant under three months of age. If a child is more than three months old and you wonder if Positive Family might be a good fit, please call to discuss the family situation with Erica. For more information, please contact Erica Hash at (712) 542-3501.

Mom and Child

The NEST Program

Individuals who are pregnant or families who have newborn under the age of one, may sign up for participation in the Nest. The NEST program provides education classes in Fremont, Montgomery and Page Counties. Participants earn points which are spent like money to be able to order items. The points are earned through participation in the educational classes, continuing to maintain care for themselves and others, such as participating in home visiting program.

For additional information contact Nicolette at 712-542-3501.